The race to become a Red Bull Romaniacs finisher in 2019 starts this week: Registrations open on Thursday, October 04, 22:00 EET. Starting places are usually gone very fast. After that it is “Waiting List” – hoping for cancellations of already registered riders. There is no other chance to arrange a participation for the 2019 event after that. Those who are considering to race the world’s toughest Extreme Enduro event in 2019 should get ready to register now.

LINK: Registrations starts October 04, 22:00 EET, Romanian time = Eastern European Time EET

Event date: Red Bull Romaniacs, July 30 – August 03, 2019

The Red Bull Romaniacs Extreme Enduro Rallye was created in 2004 by founder Martin Freinademetz. Over the past years it has evolved to the world`s toughest Hard Enduro Rallye. The Red Bull Romaniacs takes place every year and attracts competitors from about 50 countries. The race is spread over five days, the first being the inner-city prologue in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. The four “Offroad race days” lead the competitors on some of the world`s most beautiful Enduro trails in the region around Sibiu, Romania (Southern Carpathian Mountains). The breathtaking wilderness, the Romanian hospitality and the unbelievable challenges make the 600km race an unforgettable, lifelong memory for all participants. The Red Bull Romaniacs are organized under the patronage of the Romanian National Tourism Authority. (source: red bull romaniacs)


INTERVIEW: Martin Freinademetz – “The popularity of ‘Red Bull Romaniacs’ is not fading.”
LINK: Red Bull Romaniacs

photos (c) Tibi Hila