(Husqvarna) Husqvarna Motorcycles has expanded its growing line-up of e-powered minicycles for 2024 with the introduction of an all-new model – the EE 2.

Designed for children (between 90-130 cm in height with a maximum weight of 35 kg), the EE 2 is built to the highest of standards and offers multiple adjustment options, ensuring different sized riders and riders of greater or lesser ability enjoy riding a machine that fits them perfectly. Offering fast recharging and expertly assembled with premium components throughout, the EE 2 is ultimately designed to ensure youngsters learn the essential skills needed to competently ride offroad.

The new EE 2 is the smallest of three models in Husqvarna Motorcycles’ electric minicycle line-up, standing alongside the proven and popular EE 3 and EE 5 machines. To set itself apart, the EE 2 features an innovative motor that is housed inside the rear wheel hub and offers a peak power output of 1.8 kW. The motor is both dust and waterproof, and most importantly for parents, it is maintenance-free.

A quick-to-recharge and easily swappable Husqvarna BLi300 battery provides power for children to enjoy up to 100 minutes of riding time aboard the EE 2. Additionally, the battery utilises the same design as most modern power tools, which means non-stop riding is possible when fully charged spare batteries are available. The battery fitted as standard can achieve an 80% recharge in just 35 minutes with a full charge taking one hour.

The EE 2 can be quickly adjusted in multiple ways for a personalised riding experience. For taller riders, the seat height can be increased from the standard height of 470 mm to 500 mm with a couple of simple steps – lowering the WP forks through the triple clamps and repositioning the WP shock. The power delivery can also be altered easily using the Multi-Functional Display unit. Conveniently positioned in front of the seat, this intuitive device allows parents to select one of three power modes. These begin with a walking pace option, through to the least restrictive setting that allows for a top speed of 33 km/h.

EE 2 Technical Highlights
36V lithium-ion battery provides up to 100 minutes of riding time
Fast recharging – 80% in 35 minutes or one hour for a full charge
Maintenance-free HUB Motor delivers 1.8 kW of peak power
Weight – 29 kg including dust and waterproof battery
Adjustable ergonomics with two seat height options – 470 mm or 500 mm
Aluminium frame and swingarm for strength and durability
WP suspension for exceptional comfort
Rollover Sensor disengages power should the EE 2 fall over
Hydraulic brakes front and rear with 140 mm discs
10″ wheels with KENDA offroad tyres
High quality handlebars complete with ODI grips
Multi-Function Display includes three power modes:
Walking speed, Medium power, Full power with a top speed of 33 km/h

For the highest levels of reliability and performance, the EE 2 is assembled with an aluminium frame, swingarm, and skid plate, with hydraulic disc brakes and a Rollover Sensor ensuring complete control and safety. Rounding out the construction of the new model are components from specialist offroad brands including WP suspension, KENDA tyres, and ODI grips. (source: husqvarna)

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LINK: More information about the EE 2

photos (c) Husqvarna