With seven rounds now confirmed for the 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship schedule, those wishing to register their intent to score FIM championship points can now do so. Quick and simple, completion of the online form ensures eligibility to score championship points for each round contested.

All individual rounds still require separate registration with the respective event organisers.

Currently, rounds one, two, and four are open for registrations ‚Äď Xross, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, and Red Bull Romaniacs. With the remaining event organisers set to follow shortly.

Registration for the 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship

For 2023, the FIM Hard Enduro Junior World Cup category will cover four rounds as follows: round one at Xross, round two at Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, round three Red Bull Abestone, and round seven at 24MX GetzenRodeo. (source: wess promotion gmbH)

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