Red Bull Romaniacs organizer Martin Freinademetz is adding a marathon stage to the Red Bull Romaniacs 2021. It includes an overnight bivouac – to be featured between Offroad Day 2 and 3. Competitors will not go “home” to their hotels, instead, they will spend the night in an outdoor overnight location in the Romanian wilderness, “alone” with their bike and fellow competitors. Appropriately the project is called the “One Night Stand”.

Offroad-Übernachtung inklusive – Marathon-Etappe bei der Red Bull Romaniacs 2021

In order to make things even more interesting, there will be no access for mechanics or support teams, no friends and family and neither internet nor phone access. It will be “riders only” – with their bikes, their tents and an amazing camp-fire atmosphere. A unique opportunity for riders to hang out under the night sky, experiencing a true “back to basics” adventure.

The Red Bull Romaniacs 2021 is the 4th and longest event of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, and it is held in Sibiu, Romania between 27th and 31st of July.

This marathon stage steps things up a notch, adds a new level of endurance to the event and will increase the demand for riders to demonstrate their mechanical skills. From the service point of Offroad Day 2 until the service point of Offroad Day 3, all competitors are “on their own” and will need to take care of their own bikes. There is no mechanical support after the finish of Offroad Day 2 and during the “One Night Stand” overnight bivouac.

In order to make things more practical, the Service Point of Offroad Day 2 has been moved closer towards the end of the day, just one riding hour before the finish. This will be the final meeting place for competitors and their teams, mechanics and families until the next day, after that it is “bye bye and off into the wilderness”. The Service Point the following day, Offroad Day 3, will remain as usual at about mid-raceday. For their overnight needs, such as toothbrush, dry clothing, sleeping bags etc., competitors will receive a large container from the organizers that will be transported to the location of the overnight bivouac. The finish of Offroad Day 2 and the start of Offroad Day 3 are located directly at the “One night stand” bivouac. It will be physically impossible for support teams, friends and families to reach the location.

„The idea of a bivouac night has been on our minds for years. We started planning it two years ago and we`ll finally set it up this year. The Romanian wilderness is something unique and our marathon stage will, for sure, be an amazing experience for all the competitors. There`s no limits to how wild Red Bull Romaniacs can be. Competitors will have a chance to test their mechanical skills, mixed with the ultimate outdoor experience”, says Martin Freinademetz, organizer of the Red Bull Romaniacs. “And without being able to have our usual renowned prolog and spectators, we had to keep things spiced up and keep moving into another realm of excitement. Even the competitors who have raced Red Bull Romaniacs several times, might need to slightly rethink their strategy now. The breathtaking countryside and the unique outdoor experience will make up for the extra effort – and might even mix things up a little bit on the podiums!”

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