Sealing the deal with one round to spare, GasGas Factory Racing’s Andrea Verona secured the title at the EnduroGP of Hungary after charging to his fifth 1-1 result of the season. Fast, consistent, and always fully focused on the job at hand, Verona is undoubtedly a worthy winner of his third E1 title in a row. And following another strong performance, his margin at the top of EnduroGP has increased to an impressive 28 points ahead of the final round in Germany.

Andrea Verona

Andrea Verona: “It’s such a great feeling to have now won three Enduro1 titles in a row and the last two with GASGAS. It’s been an incredible effort from the whole team to build me such a great bike and I have to thank everyone involved with what we have achieved over the last two seasons. The level in EnduroGP is so high right now that mistakes can easily happen. I had a couple of small crashes Saturday which cost me some time and maybe some positions in EnduroGP, but I ended up third on Saturday and second on Sunday which increased my lead to 28 points. I won both days in Enduro1 which was enough to secure the title a round early so now, the focus is on the final round in Germany and the EnduroGP title. I need to be as prepared as possible for that one and I’m looking forward to the battle.”

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