On Wednesday evening, the organizers of the “Red Bull Romaniacs” published their latest announcement and made it clear that it is not possible to hold the event on the scheduled date in July:

‘Red Bull Romaniacs’ wird verschoben: “Juli-Termin leider nicht möglich!”

“It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that our July event date for the 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs is no longer possible. The recent loosening of the anti-Corona restrictions in Romania have been slower than expected and there was another announcement today, that indicates a slower than anticipated return to “normal conditions”. Our biggest challenge remains the restrictions on travel to and from Romania, which makes it difficult to impossible for a large percentage of our competitors to attend the Red Bull Romaniacs in July.
You can not imagine how heartbroken we are about having to make this announcement: We kept “our eyes on the ball” – when others were panicking, we continued to prepare our racetracks, when others were waiting at home and we hoped to become a first “beacon of hope” after the crisis.

The race is indeed fully prepared: partially marked, staff hired and hotels booked. However with the travel restrictions and uncertainty we are forced to make this tough decision to postpone till later this year.” (source: red bull romaniacs)

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